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Metin2 private server | Atlas

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metin2 private server

Server stats



Mysql online




Exp x 1000
Drop x 1500
Yang/gold x 1500
Characters 12345
Accounts 5234
Max lvl 125
Total guilds 234











How to play



1.Register (register here)

First you have to register if ou want to play.

You must complete the registration form and validate your email.



If you have the original metin client you stil have to download our version of the game.




You can login ingame.


PC requirements

OS Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7
CPU Pentium 3 1GHz
Recomended 512 MB
At least 32MB RAM
Support DirectX 9.0
Windows kompatible Mouse




■ A big continent on which many adventurers and brave warriors are waiting. 
■ Three enemy emperors which you are able to join. 
■ Fight for territory and honor, on foot or on horse! 
■ Become lord of a castle and build up your own fortress with your own guild! 
■ Learn a martial art and get many destructive special skills!


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